Napse introduce Impulse to the European market

Napse launches Impulse solutions for ecommerce optimization and personalization to the European Market, where there is a huge opportunity specially for our engage and reengage tools. Napse will also address specific opportunities related to marketplaces, with the product Catalog and also opportunities in the omnichannel sector with OmniOMS solution. Renata Malagogi Rocha, Strategy & Business Development Director for the European market, is leading this business development action, from The Netherland.
This second half of the year, Napse will be sponsoring two events. One in UK, Savant eCommerce London 17th-18th September 2019
Cultivating End-to-End Growth in eCommerce, and the other in Madrid: Digital 1to1.
We expect to see you there! check the agenda here

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